Reflection Week 6 – Personal Learning Networks

In week one of this blog I put a video of Sugata Mitra’s SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment). Having tools like Youtube videos, Sound Cloud, Flickr, Twitter, and Skype – to name just a few –  opens up  the opportunity for students to create their own experiential learning, document it, and share it. (Like the example that Will Richardson in his video on PLNs uses of the Spanish Fashion Designer blogging with the student learning Spanish).

Addressing the different learning styles of students through a variety of assignment “showcases” can allow for even more inclusiveness. Many more students today want short online courses (but prefer face-to-face). This has been a constant challenge in the online field.

Traditional students in a classroom have been in the routine of listening, participating, testing. Online educators get into the rut of assigning reading, writing forums, and assessing (testing or otherwise), but it is often text dependent.

By giving students the tools to explore their subject content, share competencies with classmates and colleagues while having fun exploring what a tool can do has a bottom-up AND top-down effect. As I work through this course (bottom-up) and submit evidence of my ability to use a tool, I am thinking about how I will use these in my courses (top-down).

We are moving into a system of Higher Education that will be more competency based rather than tied to the Carnegie Unit. Students will have more opportunities to work at their own pace and detangle from sitting in their seats to learn!