Reflection Week 5

“Science and technology revolutionize our lives,
but memory, tradition and myth frame our response.”

Arthur Schlesinger Jr.    

(1888 – 1965)
American historian

   I really enjoyed both audioboo and sound cloud. I think that often times our syllabi for online classes can get very staid. In the education department where I work, students have 8 learning targets that they need to integrate into their course contract for mentored education courses. One of them is usually a power point presentation.

How does one critique a submitted power point? First, I want them to be able to delivery the presentation live – which implies that they shouldn’t overload each slide with information. I have been at presentations where I didn’t listen to the speaker as much as I wanted because I was reading. And what was on the projector wasn’t what they were saying.

So, I ask students to put their notes or “lecture” into the notes section of the presentation that they send me so I can check for learning.

But is learning happening? How do I know that they aren’t referencing other text?

By asking them to make an online recording i will be able to hear the depth of their research on a topic. Using Soundcloud I will be able to add my questions, compliments, concerns, add-ons, etc. once the student has sent it to me!

Challenges of Proximity


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