Final Reflection Week 7

Looking west in the early AM from the Blue Water Hotel

I am really sorry the class is ending but look forward to continued learning in Todd and Thatcher’s ever-evolving PLN. Thanks guyz! I have really enjoyed so many of the tools learned from this class and want to quickly use them as often as I can so I don’t forget. Although the Jing sun peeking at me from my screen will be a constant reminder.

For Conor - Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy -

(No that isn’t really Jing following him around =D)

Below is a link to a screen capture using Jing (couldn’t figure out how to embed yet) of a course I designed using Eportfolio which is operated by Digication. This is a non-Moodle, non- Blackboard course.

Home page of an eportfolio course created in Digication

What I really like about it is that we can all comment on each week and be co-editors. So students can upload assignments, videos, pictures, etc. that they have discovered. Since we can all edit, this means that we can all delete. Eportfolio allows you to make a copy. Your permissions on the copy can be changed to be exclusive. That way a student can’t erase the course – which would be very easy to do!

All of the new tools available through this class will enhance student participation. What I am happy to see is that currently they are all free. Someday there might be a charge, but others will rise to offer their free services. Now I can SHOW my students how to open Audioboo or other programs, and they are relatively easy to install.

Again, as I have stated before, infusing learning with a sense of play will go a long way to overcome some of the frustrations of navigating the technology.

It seems to be getting easier…or is it just me (?) and all I have added to my knowledge base thanks to EDU255?


One thought on “Final Reflection Week 7

  1. It’s not easier, you’re just more fearless.

    It sounds like the collaborative functions of Digication are similar to a Wiki, a topic we did not cover this time around, but will definitely explore next time and/or in the advanced iteration of this class.

    The embed code in a screen cast should be below the media in the tabbed area, when you are logged into the account.

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