Reflection Week 2

Of Mice and Men:

“Tell me about the rabbits again, George, please?”

Help I have fallen in the rabbit hole and I can’t get out! Well, I started the week relatively confident. Skype? Been doing it for years. Google docs? Had it at work although never used it. Add new tools like Twitter and Google plus? I have an Iphone – no sweat… It gets dark from here.

My phone (IOS4) would not download either Twitter or Google plus without an IOS6 system. I was instructed to connect to Itunes on my computer and sync with my phone (it was more complicated than that but I am already having post-traumatic symptoms so I will spare the reader).

This did not work. So I went to the Verizon store yesterday and found that I had too many apps and not enough storage. I needed to upgrade my phone. But wait! There’s a deal! For $6.99 I could get a recycled phone, charger, cords and case. So, I bought 2. (I love bargains!).

I agreed to connect my phone with my WiFi at home. While driving I realized that my old phone no longer made calls. A dull panic set in. I got home sprawled phone paraphernalia all over the kitchen table and turned on the new phone.

“ENTER PASS CODE”.  What??? I alternated between random pass codes and having the phone disable.

I have no other phone to call on for help. Fortunately the Verizon 611 number worked on my old phone. I spent 40 minutes with 3 different reps re-explaining what was going on, once getting disconnected.

No luck. No pass code.

I figured out how to reactivate my old phone and was able to call the Prescott Verizon store; which by-the-way does not have a direct phone number (THAT was another adventure).

The employee switched my number to the second phone I bought (see! and you thought me a spendthrift).

I activated it and have twitter, Google +, and Hangouts on my phone. My twitter account is @sopadepiedra.

That is the Spanish title for the children’s book Stone Soup: a great story about leadership, problem-solving, and community organizing.

I can’t use my gmail from work (administrative issues) so I am now using 1 of my other 4 email accounts. I have this vague sense of floating out into to space (or maybe it’s the Prozac). I’m not sure what passwords are where, what comments I haven’t responded to and where they are located.

But hey, like Adam Levine said (in the 32:19 minutes I watched before the video wouldn’t play), I am choosing to see the good things that are coming from the growth that I am experiencing.

And, if nothing else, I haven’t killed anyone. That’s good, right?


2 thoughts on “Reflection Week 2

  1. I see you have the Edutopia RSS in your sidebar! Cool.
    You also have “edutopia_rss.xml” added to the edutopia link in your “blogs I follow” and that should be removed so URL ends in “.org” only.

    I like the new look too. Clean.

    I am a huge Dr. Hook fan and Shel Silverstein wrote a lot of the songs they recorded. The stone soup reminds me of:

    Great to hang out with you yesterday!

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