Video: Did you know 2013?

A short YouTube video on the growth of human demographics from abilities to technology.


2 thoughts on “Video: Did you know 2013?

  1. I’m so glad you posted this video! When information like this is put together in this way it is very fascinating! It’s quite mind-boggling! The one fact that caught my attention was teaching students information for jobs that do not even exist, that is a bit scary. Teachers are suppose to prepare students for the future, but how can a teacher prepare when the future will be completely different from what you’re teaching?? I guess, do great with what you have!

    • I agree, Karen. I work in Higher Education and feel responsible for this piece in particular. What I focus on are the skills that will bode students well in any job situation such as perseverance, creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving. Ironically kids growing up today with the influence of gaming, the INTERNET and the like…DO learn these dispositions.

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